ALL I WANNA DO (Sheryl Crow) – Vocals: Margo Sloan

WILDEST DREAMS (Swift, Shellback, Martin) – Vocals: Margo Sloan

SOMEBODY BRING ME SOME WATER (Melissa Etheridge) – Vocals: Margo Sloan

CARNIVAL (Natalie Merchant) – Vocals: Margo Sloan

CRAZY BABY (Joan Osborne) – Vocals: Margo Sloan

BITCH (Meredith Brooks) – Vocals: Margo Sloan

TAKE A PICTURE (FILTER) – Vocals: Alex Hernandez

ORIGINAL – YOU ARE MINE (Margo Sloan) – Vocals: Margo Sloan

ORIGINAL – BLACK & WHITE (Jeff Fleisher) – Vocals: Jeff Fleisher & Margo Sloan

ORIGINAL – MELT AWAY (Jeff Fleisher) – Vocals: Jeff Fleisher

ORIGINAL – LINDA LOVELACE (Jeff Fleisher & Bill Stanton) – Vocals: Jeff Fleisher

ORIGINAL – HANGING ONTO THIS FEELING (J.Fleisher & K.Ledbetter) – Vocals: Jeff Fleisher

ORIGINAL – ALL I CAN SAY (Jeff Fleisher) – Vocals: Jeff Fleisher

ORIGINAL – SONG TO THE MOON (Jeff Fleisher) – Guitar Instrumental by Jeff Fleisher

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